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Expand your company's service offerings and boost revenue by reselling our innovative financial tools. With Kauri One, you not only enhance your own operations but also provide valuable solutions to your clients, creating a win-win scenario for your business.
Non-custodial Wallets for Business
Enable multi-signature transactions, set limits, assign roles, and define signing rights to enhance the security of your company's funds.
Corporate Cards
Effortlessly manage your company expenses with our corporate card. Set up to 100 virtual cards for a single business account and top up in any currency or crypto using an Internal Wallet connected to the card.
Salary Payment Solutions
Open accounts and issue cards for your employees. Use internal transfers or any other convenient method to distribute salaries.
Accounts in Euros and US Dollars
Deposit and Withdraw up to 1 000 000 Euros via SEPA or SWIFT with low fees.
Crypto Processing
Enable cryptocurrency payments for your business. Your customers can pay in crypto, and your business will receive the equivalent in euro straight into its account.
Crypto On & Off Ramp Widgets
Allow your customers to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies directly through your platform.
Our Support Services Professionals work for you & your customers:
Customer Support Team
Our Customer Support Team handles account registration and management, transaction support, security guidance, regulatory compliance information, training, and feedback collection to ensure a seamless and secure experience.
Tech Team
Our Tech Support Team resolves technical issues, offers guidance on platform integration, and ensures smooth API functionality to enhance the customer experience.
Corporate Cards
Issue corporate cards tailored to your business clients
Effortless Funding
Swiftly top up your corporate cards with any currency, streamlining your company's financial processes.
Flexible Balances
Opt for balances in fiat, crypto, or a combination, in line with your business strategy.
Virtual Cards for Teams
Issue up to 100 virtual cards for your client's business team, each connectable to any wallet.
Crypto-Ready for Businesses
Seamlessly integrate cryptocurrencies into your customer's business transactions. Utilize a non-custodial wallet for enhanced security.
Salary Project
How Your B2B Customers Will Benefit
Cost Savings
Reduced transaction fees compared to traditional banking methods.
Global Talent Acquisition
Facilitate international hiring with borderless payments, bypassing complex banking processes.
Convenient Account Funding
Use any convenient methods for payouts to employee accounts, including internal transfers.
Employee Experience
User-friendly interface for employees to view and manage their crypto salaries.
Payroll Management
Effortlessly input employee salary details using an intuitive dashboard.
Easy Onboarding Process
Our support team will guide you through all the registration stages, for both your company and employees.
Crypto Processing
Let your B2B-clients accept cryptocurrency payments, expanding their customer base and reducing payment processing costs by up to 60% in commissions.
The business receives funds in fiat directly into its account, alleviating concerns about crypto price fluctuations.
The service utilizes a non-custodial wallet, ensuring users maintain control and ownership of their funds.
Accepting payments in the TOP 10 blockchains, providing a versatile and comprehensive approach to cryptocurrency transactions. 
A one-time integration will offer your customers the freedom to convert between crypto and fiat effortlessly.
Fiat to Crypto On-Ramp
Provide your customers easy access to crypto.
Crypto to Fiat Off-Ramp
Let your customers convert back to fiat if they choose. 
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