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All the solutions we offer to our B2B clients have been developed and tested on our own platform, Kauri Finance. We can effortlessly adapt and implement these proven solutions for you as well.
Embrace innovation with Kauri One — where digital wallets meet the future of finance.
Web3 Wallet
A Web3 wallet enables users to securely store, manage, and transact with their digital money, while maintaining full control over their private keys and data. Transform your user experience with our cutting-edge Web3 Wallet development services. Elevate security and accessibility, ensuring your clients have a seamless and secure gateway to the cryptocurrency world.
User-Friendly Interface
Our wallet features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both newcomers and experienced crypto enthusiasts.
NFT & Multi-Currency Support
Access to marketing tools and resources or willingness to make the necessary investments.
Flexible Solution
Can deploy to other wallets or connect to other wallets.
Banking Services for Your Clients
Empower your clients with seamless financial integration by incorporating IBAN and crypto-friendly payment cards powered by Mastercard. Unlock a world of convenience, enabling swift and secure transactions while bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance.
European IBAN
IBANs to receive and send payments, exchange currencies or crypto, transfer funds to third parties and pay for services.
Crypto-Friendly Payment Cards
Cards that allow payments with both traditional currencies and crypto. These cards can be linked to Google Pay and Apple Pay.
Keep Your Clients Happy with Swap Orders
Revolutionize your users' crypto experience with our user-friendly Swap Order Module. Effortlessly exchange cryptocurrencies, providing a simple and intuitive platform for seamless transactions.
MultiSwap Love Story
Nothing illustrates why Kauri Finance's clients are so fond of our MultiSwap solution better than a successful case involving one of our customers.
Martin is expecting to receive 200 USDT from his friend Eric. Afterward, he plans to convert USDT into euro and send it to his IBAN.

What if all those steps were combined into just one?
With Kauri’s Swap Order, these transactions will be combined into one easy step for Martin. In Swap Order, Martin chooses:

From: Deposit Crypto - USDT
To: Withdraw Instant SEPA - EURO

Swap Order will generate the address for the 200 USDT deposit. Martin will send it to his friend. And actually, that's it!
In 5 minutes after Eric sent 200 USDT, Martin received the equivalent in euro to his bank account.

Looks like magic, but that is just a Swap Order!
Choose Your Interfaces
You have the flexibility to choose the interfaces through which our platform will be presented. Even better, you can personally test everything yourself by simply following the links:
Desktop version
iOS App
Telegram Bot
All-in-One Telegram bot
The cherry on top is our Telegram bot. What could be more convenient than having a 'bank in your pocket'? Enhance your clients’ experience as they effortlessly explore and utilize our financial solutions directly on the Telegram platform.
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