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For over 6 years, Kauri One has been providing tailored solutions for Fintechs, Retailers, Businesses, and even Individuals looking to monetize their customer databases. Meet our beloved clients who trusted us to complete their businesses with crypto solutions.
BreinRock: Crypto Wallets and Liquidity
Partner: BreinRock, an EMI for EMI.
  • Admin Panel with User Controls
  • Commission, Limit, and Balance Management
  • Internal Liquidity Block
For BreinRock, we developed a customized SaaS solution equipped with an intuitive admin panel. The panel enables seamless management of commissions, limits, and user balances, along with an internal liquidity block. Users can exchange cryptocurrencies for any fiat currency at their convenience. Integrated into BreinRock’s system, our solution offers a seamless experience, handling deposits and crypto exchanges through our core system under BreinRock’s management.
SoftGamings: Development and Integration Payment Hub
Partner: SoftGamings, a gambling company based in Curacao.
  • Integration with 100+ Payment Providers
  • One API Integration for Any Number of Providers
Introducing Payment Hub, a vital solution for businesses working with numerous users and payment providers. With integration capabilities for over 100+ providers, KAURI ONE streamlines the process of adding new providers based on your business requirements. Our partner, Softgamings, aimed to enhance efficiency in integrating new providers to expand payment methods for their clients. Through a single API integration, we added over 100 payment methods, continuously expanding connections, and providing ongoing technical support.
Sheepy: On-Ramp and Off-Ramp Crypto Widgets
Partner: Sheepy, a B2B crypto payment gateway.
  • Customizable Crypto Widgets
  • Universal Integration Across Platforms
  • Effortless Integration for Balances in Desired Currencies
  • Versatile Applications Across Industries
On-ramp and off-ramp crypto widgets provide a specialized and customizable service. Sheepy’s goal was to enable customers to top up in any preferred currency, while the company could only accept payments in selected currencies. These widgets serve as the ideal converter, bridging the gap between user preferences and the company's requirements. Versatile and adaptable, they can be seamlessly integrated into any website, payment platform, crypto project, casino, and more.
Qmall, E-Gates and Ready to Fight: IBANs and Payment Cards
Partner: E-Gates, a financial solutions provider, Qmall, a metaverse exchange, and Ready to Fight, a boxing community.
  • IBAN and Payment Card Opening
  • API Integration with KYC Provider
  • Automated KYC Processes
We have successfully delivered a comprehensive solution for both partners, facilitating the seamless opening of IBANs and payment cards. With a client base exceeding 500,000, manual verification costs were estimated at around $1 million. Leveraging API integration and a connected KYC provider, we automated the KYC process, streamlined integrations, and optimized API calls for cards, IBANs, and SWIFT transactions. The scheduled release is set for 2024.
Mone Finance: A Complete Software Solution
Partner: Mone Finance, a payment platform.
  • Complete Software Ecosystem
  • Core Delivery and Deployment
  • Crypto Infrastructure on Popular Blockchains
  • Rebalancing Bots, Web Platform, Telegram Bot, Mobile App
We are proud to announce our latest milestone – a fully software-based solution designed for Mone Finance. This all-encompassing offering includes core delivery, deployment of crypto infrastructure (including nodes on popular blockchains), integration of rebalancing bots, a web version of the platform, a trading Telegram bot, and a mobile application.
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