Geo Partnerships for Financial Institutions
Join the Kauri ecosystem and become our partner in one of 150 countries worldwide.
At Kauri One, our dedication to decentralizing global finance has inspired a unique approach to partnership for global expansion. Known as Geo Partnership, our offer is specifically designed for large investors and corporations worldwide.
What We Offer Geo Partners
Are you a financial institution eager to embrace the future of finance? Kauri One offersg strategic partnerships that leverage your geographical presence. We supply the software, while you manage the licensing process in your country.
Customizable Software
Customize our mobile app to match your brand's look and feel, ensuring it resonates with your audience.
Liquidity Access
Tap into the opportunity to cross-sell all Kauri Finance services through a shared liquidity pool.
Support and Training
Gain access to comprehensive materials, training sessions, and support to help you successfully launch and grow in new markets.
Partner Requirements
As we aim to deliver effective and stable financial services, we understand the critical need to comply with local regulations. Embracing decentralization, we are forming a team of Geo Partners who currently manage or are ready to acquire:
Regulatory Approval
Licenses necessary for offering crypto and financial services in your specific region.
Marketing Expertise
Access to marketing tools and resources or willingness to make the necessary investments.
Support Team
Capability to build a support team that has an in-depth knowledge of the local market.
Partnership Details
Wondering if collaborating with us is the right move? Here’s why choosing us over other companies is a smart decision!
Share in Kauri Business
We recognize how important a Geo Partner is, so we're offering a share of our main company right off the bat.
Capital Structure
As a Geo Partner, you'll co-own the regional business with Kauri. The sooner you join us, the better the deal you'll get!
A setup fee and an initial deposit are key components of our partnership agreement.
Ready to transform finance in your area?
Join Kauri One and lead the financial revolution. Your journey begins here.
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