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Store, receive and send funds in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. You can add any cryptocurrencies, set limits and fees for users. The solution includes a verification module, a monitoring module and connected popular blockchains and fiat providers.

Fast Exchange

Online exchanger without storing funds. Fast, simple, secure. Management of commissions, limits, verification, pairs, integration with payment systems under the hood. Up to 100,000 transactions per minute.

Payment HUB

Solution for accelerating and consolidating payment providers in one interface, with technical support, direct interaction with the provider and managing fees and limits at the same time.

The offer also includes:

  • 10 K transactions at no charge
  • Every next transaction at 0.5% fee
  • One integration for all providers;
  • Activation/deactivation of the providers;
  • History of transactions in one place;
  • Accounting of balances on providers;

Payment system


Wallet, Fast exchange

Choose more systems:

Payment HUB

Software module enabling to create a payment system with following IBAN accounts opening for the users

Easily customizable according to requirements regulators of different regions.




Choose more systems:

Payment HUB
Payment system
Fast Exchange

The functionality of the investment fund allows you to customize the investment fund according to the parameters of the manager:

  • Fund size
  • Currencies
  • Fund terms
  • Fund limits

Our solution allows fund clients to see the volume of their portfolio online.



Wallet, Fast exchange

Choose more systems:

Payment HUB
Payment system

The exchange method has become popular with the advent of electronic money, where one user submits an application and another user implements it without the participation of a third party.



Wallet, Fast exchange

Choose more systems:

Payment HUB
Payment system

"In the hierarchy of products that use cryptocurrencies, the most complex is exchange. That's why we offer the exchange matching engine by the company Intense lab, which has been developing software for the stock market since 2008. You can add the matching module by Intense lab and combine it with any of our solutions."


In the era of digital money, all the functionality of the bank has been transferred to the application on your phone. We have created a backend that allows you to interact with payment queues, regulators and other services to satisfy all your customers' requests.

NEOBANK is supplied exclusively in the CUSTOM version and is implemented with an individual approach.


A product that brings together all the developments, products and licenses of Kauri.One

Within the SUPERAPP product, you can provide your customers with any functionality. From storing currency in a wallet for high-frequency trading in stocks, options and futures.

Give your customers an environment that has everything from marketplace to high-frequency trading.

  • CODE


Code license solution gives your development team unlimited opportunities to create your own product.

You get from us: source code, technical documentation and help from our team at every step.


The license which allows you to quickly launch the system without transferring the source code.

The server infrastructure is deployed to multi-cloud platform Jelastic.

  • simplified cloud infrastructure management
  • high availability and security
  • fast startup
  • monthly system updates at no additional cost.
  • following support from our development team


CUSTOM is the development of the product according to customer’s own technical specification.

This type of license suits customers who already have the vision for their future product.

The cost of the license can be formed only after receiving the technical specifications from the customer.

  • ADAPTIVE design
  • Telegram bot
  • IOS APPS Design
  • Brandbook


Design is the face of your product, our designers work exclusively with the interfaces of fintech projects and understand the specifics of this product direction. You can choose the design of each interface and design it in your corporate style, which you can also order from our company

  • ADAPTIVE layout
  • Telegram bot

front end

The layout of your product is just as important as the development of the core. Our team is well aware of the specifics of our backend and can make the layout faster and better than any other team.

  • Server setup &
    System deployment
  • Yearly server support


The deployment of server infrastructure affects many markers - security, speed, fault tolerance, flexibility. We offer several options for server deployment, both on cloud solutions and using hardware. But we find it optimal for us and our customers to deploy a private cloud using Jelastic software. It provides flexibility, speed of deployment, and additional security and monitoring features.


* including setup
  • ETH
  • bnb
  • BTC
  • trx
  • ada
  • DOGE
  • ltc


  • Add custom crypto
  • Add custom fiat
  • Add payment providers
  • Add crypto exchange
  • technical documentation
  • SDK File for each programming language

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Our Offer

K1.CORE gives your dev team a super flexible tool to deploy your own crypto exchange, payment system or neobank

Core benefits:

  • source code
  • support from our team
  • safety and secure setup with Kauri.Box
  • ability to change and modify the technology
  • optional crypto nodes
  • full independency from external vendors

Competetive advantages

  • Scalability
  • Compliance and independence
  • Full control over the technology
  • Full set of crypto operations:
    reballancing, trading, 2 types of orders, custom limits


Tech Stack


  • Web applications(Rest API and websocket).
  • Operations applications (backend-processes with help of rabbitmq, celery).
  • Data(redis, relational databases).


  • SPA on VUE.JS using Vuex / VueRouter
  • Vuex / Webpack / Gulp
  • 3D Motion Design ( XRay , AutoCAD)
For our solution, we use Python, as base programming language.

and security

Fully on the side of the client, no need to worry about the reliability of the vendor and associated legal obligations, audited and monitored by each new customer.

  • Use of code by independent projects increases the trust to the system and exclusion of introduction of brut-force programs or vulnerabilities.
  • We support our partners to minimize hacking of the system. For this purpose we have developed the algorithms to minimize human factor vulnerabilities.
  • We audit our customers and do not cooperate with those who may potentially use our solution in fraudulent schemes.

Documentation &

  • K1 Core Technical Documentation