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Quick start into market with wallet solution for store / recieve / send crypto.

A solution for storing, receiving and sending funds in cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. You can add any cryptocurrency, set limits and fees for users. The solution includes a verification module, monitoring module and connected popular blockchains.

Fast Exchange

Online exchanger without storing funds. Fast, simple, secure. Management of commissions, limits, verification, pairs, integration with payment systems under the hood. Up to 100,000 transactions per minute.

Payment HUB

Solution for accelerating and consolidating payment providers in one interface, with technical support, direct interaction with the provider and managing fees and limits at the same time.

The offer also includes:

  • 10 K transactions at no charge
  • Every next transaction at 0.5% fee
  • One integration for all providers;
  • Activation/deactivation of the providers;
  • History of transactions in one place;
  • Accounting of balances on providers;

Payment system

Simple payment processing solution for complex tasks. The solution allows the client to operate with IBAN and cards, add new providers, conduct transactions and aggregate statistics in one place using an API.

PAYMENT SYSTEM is available in WhiteLabel, SaaS and Enterprise versions. Additionally Payment providers can be integrated.


The functionality of the investment fund allows you to customize the investment fund according to the parameters of the manager:

  • Fund size
  • Currencies
  • Fund terms
  • Fund limits

Our solution allows fund clients to see the volume of their portfolio online.



Wallet, Fast exchange

Choose more systems:

Payment HUB
Payment system

The exchange method has become popular with the advent of electronic money, where one user submits an application and another user implements it without the participation of a third party.


Own exchange with: Execution, spot / margin / futures, matching engine, liquidity aggregation.

Your own exchange that integrates with the world's most popular exchanges. Real-time rate updates. Instant order execution. Flexible customisation of users, categories, limits, commissions with extensive administration tools.


New Era of digital WEB3 Banking.

A bank in your pocket. Without the need to maintain branches. In the age of digital money, all bank functionality has been moved to an app on your phone.

We've created a backend that allows you to interact with payments, cards, IBANs, regulators and other services to meet all your customers' needs - all available on a smartphone for you and your customers.

NEOBANK comes exclusively in SaaS and Enterprise versions and is implemented with customized approach and specifications.


A product that brings together all the developments, products and licenses of Kauri.One

Within the SUPERAPP product, you can provide your customers with any functionality. From storing currency in a wallet for high-frequency trading in stocks, options and futures.

Give your customers an environment that has everything from marketplace to high-frequency trading.

  • WhiteLabel
  • SaaS
  • Enterprise


Code license solution gives your development team unlimited opportunities to create your own product.


A joint fintech product between Kauri.One and Kauri.Finance, which allows for a rapid business start-up with a focus on marketing tools.

In this product, Kauri.Finance provides user and legal support (licences, agreements, AML & TERMS OF USE) and Kauri.One provides technical support.


A cloud-based software delivery model in which a service provider develops cloud-based software, ensures its maintenance, automatic updates and availability, and makes this software available to customers under your financial licences. This product comes with Backend and Frontend components on the Kauri cloud infrastructure, which in turn gives you the following benefits:

  • Own user database;
  • Full control over users, commissions, limits;
  • Full-featured admin panel to administer all settings;
  • Full Access to user funds*.

*Limitations: For Kauri SAAS financial license is mandatory! Sorce code not included.


This offer includes Kauri SaaS and full rights to use, upgrade and modify the product, opening up additional customisation and operation options for the customer.

  • Fast & Easy deployment by Kauri.one team;
  • You own code and rights on your server infrastructure;
  • API & SDK documentation API + Technical Support;
  • Ability to modify existing core and product modules;
  • Nodes: Software and servers our team install crypto-nodes and software for managing and operating with blockchain network nodes on your infrastructure;

Any types of customization available to client in Enterprise configuration.

  • Brandbook
  • Design customization


Design is the face of your product, our designers work exclusively with the interfaces of fintech projects and understand the specifics of this product direction. You can choose the design of each interface and design it in your corporate style, which you can also order from our company

  • Laravel site

Front end

The layout of your product is just as important as the development of the core. Our team is well aware of the specifics of our backend and can make the layout faster and better than any other team.

Laravel site

A website based on the laravel framework, with SEO recommendations and a content builder.


SPA WEB description...

  • Telegram
  • Mobile iOS Application


The deployment of server infrastructure affects many markers - security, speed, fault tolerance, flexibility. We offer several options for server deployment, both on cloud solutions and using hardware.

  • Setup fee


Setup options description...

  • Nodes + software
  • WEB security module
  • NFT marketplace
  • P2P marketplace
  • Own token creation


Nodes description...

Own token creation

The possibility of listing your own coin on blockchains (Tron, Etherium, Binance Smart Chain).The customer can specify such token parameters:

  • Full name of the token (no spaces)

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Our Offer

Kauri Core gives your dev team a super flexible tool to deploy your own crypto exchange, payment system or neobank

Core benefits:

  • source code
  • support from our team
  • safety and secure setup with Kauri.Box
  • ability to change and modify the technology
  • optional crypto nodes
  • full independency from external vendors

Competetive advantages

  • Scalability
  • Compliance and independence
  • Full control over the technology
  • Full set of crypto operations:
    reballancing, trading, 2 types of orders, custom limits



  • We offer reliable access to a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. The fund takes advantage of moderate risk appetite in a highly volatile market. Swing Trading strategies with strict risk control are applied.
  • No more than 5% of the fund's capital is invested in a single asset, and the risk per one trade does not exceed 0.5% of the capital. The fund manages amounts from USD 50,000 for a period of 3 months or more.
  • The average level of income is 2-5% per month. These are the results we got in a falling market in 2022.

and security

Fully on the side of the client, no need to worry about the reliability of the vendor and associated legal obligations, audited and monitored by each new customer.

  • Use of code by independent projects increases the trust to the system and exclusion of introduction of brut-force programs or vulnerabilities.
  • We support our partners to minimize hacking of the system. For this purpose we have developed the algorithms to minimize human factor vulnerabilities.
  • We audit our customers and do not cooperate with those who may potentially use our solution in fraudulent schemes.

Documentation &

  • Kauri Core Technical Documentation